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Visiting a friend that has it all? You can never have too many coffee table books. These chic books come in hundreds of titles, so you are sure to find something unique and personal. 


We love the retro look of the Marshall bluetooth speakers. More stylish than the Alexa, this is the perfect way to blast beats in style.


Who doesn't love wine? Now you can booze with purpose thanks to ONEHOPE. Proceeds from all wine purchases go to charity.


There are few scents more iconic than the Volcano scent by Capri Blue. Choose from the site's variety of limited edition jars for a chic spin on a scent sure to please all.


These fun, colorful classic game sets are chic enough to put on display year-round. 


The chicest dutch oven any chef would be proud to have in their kitchen. 


These sweets taste as good as they look. Plus there are endless options to build your own personalized gift sets or several pre-made holiday sets to choose from. 

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Indoor plants are all the rage right now, and Bloomscape makes plant delivery easy, inexpensive, and chic!


We all know one. Now they can sanitize with style. Bonus feature--these are packed with skin-happy ingredients that won't dry out hands!

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Found My Animal features a full array of unique pet accessories. Plus, a part of the proceeds from their sales go to support animal welfare and rescue organizations.


These cult favorite packing cubes are the perfect gift for your wanderlust friends. Say goodbye to sloppy suitcases--these will be the travel essential they didn't know they needed!

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While there are endless ways to work out these days, there is one common thread--everyone needs to stay hydrated. You can never have enough of these stylish reusable bottles. 



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