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Randy Milkovisch, a second generation native Houstonian, started in the homebuilding business with large-scale remodels and additions. After many successful years and satisfied clients, he was approached by an investor to build his first new construction project. Randy's experience working with clients on remodels enables him to have a deeper understanding of the importance of functionality within a floor plan better than most new construction builders. Instead of working with clients on what they wish they had in their homes, Randy is able to now build a dream floor plan from scratch, tapping into the elements he knows are most important to buyers. 


Randy's first new construction project was met with rave reviews, and AIM Custom Homes was officially formed as the new construction arm of AIM Contracting. While he mainly builds in the Heights, Randy has experience working in River Oaks, Timbergrove, Oak Forest, and many other highly sought after areas of Houston. He pays extra attention to the unique character of each neighborhood, making sure he maintains the integrity of the area with each new build. Often times, Randy will incorporate historical elements from an older home into his new builds to pay homage to the rich history each community has to offer. 


At AIM Custom Homes, Randy carefully selects the most talented crews for each trade, ensuring that projects remain on time and on budget while exceeding customer expectations.  Randy's extensive project management skills and construction experience ensures as seamless a process as possible. While there are always bumps along the road when undergoing new construction, Randy is quick to address any concerns until the customer is fully satisfied. The mission at AIM Custom Homes is to build a stronger, safer and more beautiful community, one project at a time. Randy aims to grow the business by continually evolving to meet the needs of his clients and community, while striving to exceed all expectations.

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At AIM Custom Homes, Our Values Include:

Faith and Family - We believe a solid foundation in faith and family is the most important aspect of any business. From these, all things are possible. Live by the Golden Rule. 


Honesty/Trust - Honesty is always the best policy and trust must be earned.


Integrity - Do the right thing…especially when no one is looking.


Reliability - Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you’ll do it.


Reputation - Maintain a reputation which speaks our values.


Commitment to Excellence - Meet and exceed expectations of our clients by producing the best possible results in all aspects of our business. 

It is our main goal to accomplish our mission and realize our vision by adhering to our values and always putting the needs of others ahead of our own. We want to contribute to our community by helping our neighbors, clients, employees, sub-contractors and partners live more productive and meaningful lives.  Are these lofty goals?  We think not! We AIM to please!



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