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We're bringing a combined 20 yrs of crawfish farming and purveying experience here to Houston and your taste buds. It just boils down to cultural authenticity. We're talking Freshly Farmed Louisiana Crawfish soaked properly and seasoned to perfection everytime. Our Crawfish are delivered daily, from “The Pond to your Plate.”  We're a one stop shop for your Crawfish cravings. You can drive through for our Hot Boiled Take Out Crawfish or stop in and purchase all the ingredients needed for your own backyard boil.


For the best crawfish in town, you must stop at BB’s. BB’s restaurants are known for a lot of great foods and our crawfish is no exception. In fact, BB’s crawfish are considered one of the best in Houston, TX.

Our crawfish is prepared with the same authentic, Louisiana and Texas flavors that we have become known for. Our Tex-Orleans style (Cajun with a Texas twist) cooking will keep you wanting more!


We’re super proud to shout out that your local LA Crawfish serves up the absolute best boiled Crayfish! Garlic Butter and Cajun Style Crawdads are what we do best baby! We also cook delicious Shrimp and Crabs! Also, Chicken Wings, Seafood Po’Boys, Traditional and Fusion Pho Bowls, Fresh Oysters, Micheladas, Daiquiris and much more! We’re the very best you can find in Houston and San Antonio. Heck, the best in Texas, the United States, this world and even this universe too folks!

Growing up poor in Vietnam, Chef Trong was self taught and had early influences from his grandmother in Vietnam. After migrating to the states, Chef Trong worked for 3 decades in the casino business as the director of Marketing. While working, he found his love for cooking and kept learning from high end restaurants & chefs. Following his passion, he left the casino business to pursue his dream of owning a restaurant. A decade later Chef Trong is now the Executive Chef & Owner of Crawfish & Noodles. 

 Influencing a new generation of foodies by bringing Viet-Cajun Crawfish & his unique twist on Salt & Pepper blue crabs to the world. 

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We specialize in 100% Acadiana “Rice Field” pond raised, purged crawfish, giving you and the highest quality crawfish around since 1974. We boil our seafood in our “famous” Cajun-Style boil, using a house recipe of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic powder & chili powder, guaranteeing you will say AYEEE!



Crawfish is the signature item on our menu in 9 different awesome flavors! Crawfish Cafe opened in 2013 and voted one of the best crawfish in Houston serving viet-cajun crawfish and seafood including gulf blue crabs, little neck clams, black mussels, snow crab legs, king crab legs, dungeness crab, lobster, and shrimp.


The Boot may be new, but it retains the atmosphere and vibe of an old-school Houston icehouse, complete with a court for games of washers and buckets of cold beer. Louisiana natives Billy, Tommy and Glenn Duplechin and business partners Jimmy Jones and Chico Ramirez opened The Boot in the Heights shortly after Shady Tavern, the bar that had been in the space since 1939, closed.  The etouffee is as good as anything you'll find in Louisiana, and come crawfish season, The Boot will be the place to get your mudbugs.


Thanks to the pairing of Vietnamese traditions with Cajun flavors, the resulting “Viet-Cajun” cuisine is fast becoming one of Houston’s most sought after fusions.

The crawfish here is boiled in a signature Cajun spice, which allows the flavors to soak into the head and tail meat before the crawfish are tossed in a bath of garlicky, spice-infused butter. 

We are regarded as one of the most popular Cajun Crawfish restaurants in North Houston, where locals are ordering up mounds of crawfish coated in secret garlic butter or tossed in white onions, scallions, and other traditional additions. 

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