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Houston is a melting pot and one of the most diverse cities in the country. Every neighborhood has its own ambiance and flavor.   You can drive 5 miles or 3 blocks from your current location and experience a completely different feeling and lifestyle. The city is so varied and large that you may be struggling to decide which neighborhood in Houston is the right place for you and your family.  There are many factors that will play a roll in this decision. 


 A few questions you might ask yourself:

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Are schools important to you?

A large determinant to where to move in Houston will be whether or not your new home meets the needs of your family. If you have children, you will want to take into consideration the quality of the schools your potential neighborhood has to offer. If you are planning to send your kids to private school, this won’t be as large of a factor to you. To explore your options, peruse this website:  If you want your children to have more space to run and play, a good choice for you might be one of the suburbs of Houston that offer excellent schools and homes at more affordable prices and often larger lots.  It is your decision whether you would prefer to have a smaller home in the inner city or a large home further out.  Every family is different, so it is important to reflect on what fits best for you. 

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What is your budget?

This is probably the largest determining factor in choosing a home.  Best practice for investment purposes is always to buy the smallest home in the best neighborhood you can afford.  That is not always practical for a family of four with small children.  Budget usually defines the areas you can buy in and what you can afford to purchase in those areas. Unsure where to start in determining your budget? To learn more about house affordability and the costs involved in purchasing a home, click here. 

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What is your lifestyle?

Houston is an enormous city. According to, Houston is the largest city in the South and covers 8,778 square miles. Your neighborhood becomes your world when you live in Houston. If you live 30 miles away from your work, favorite restaurants or gym, you will spend a lot of time driving. If you love to frequent live music venues and the art scene, choosing to live in the suburbs may not be practical. In depth research of different areas is key to choosing the right neighborhood. Spend some time in the neighborhoods you are considering as a part of the decision making process. Drive to your office one day from that area, grab a bite to eat, and try to get a feel for what everyday life would look like for you. There are some areas that you may love to visit, but may not enjoy as a home base.

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How long is your commute?

Houston is a commuter city for many, but your commute may look different depending on when you drive to and from work.  Are you going to be in rush hour? Are you going with traffic or against it?  Make the drive a few different times to see what you are dealing with. Some people do not mind long commutes as it gives them an opportunity to have some alone time to listen to music or catch up on podcasts. For others, a long commute can be a big determinant of stress levels and overall feelings of happiness, so it is important for you to consider how a commute might affect you personally. 

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How do I make a choice?

Houston is a fabulous city full of diversity.  You can create the life you want almost anywhere in this city.  Do your due diligence and don’t make a rash decision.  Sometimes choosing an area can be a lengthy process, but it is worth taking the time to make the best decision for you. Lean on us as your trusted real estate advisors to give you feedback on various Houston neighborhoods to help you narrow down your options. Keep an eye out for our Houston neighborhood features in our Newsletters. Want to stay in the know about Houston living? Click here to subscribe to our monthly newsletters. 

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