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Get out and explore Houston through a bar and restaurant progressive scavenger hunt--one drink and/or small plate at each place. Pick a word or date that's significant- one of your names, a child's name, an anniversary date- as your guide. Take turns picking venues and each new place you visit must have the next letter or number in the name. For example, 3-10-18: have a glass of wine at 13 Celcius, crispy pork ribs at Ten Seconds Yunnan, dumplings at One Dim Sum, and finish the night with a margarita at Eight Row Flint!


Bring a little fun and whimsy into your date night this Valentine's Day! Grab a few of your favorite board games and a bottle of wine for a nice night in or head to your favorite pool hall or arcade. Make friendly bets on your games to spice up the night. Or you can make it a group affair with a couple's game night--may the best pair win!


Beat the crowds and overpriced set menus this year while enjoying an interactive night in cooking together. Make the evening interesting by divvying up the appetizer, main, side, and dessert courses. Shop separately and see how your meal comes together as you spend the evening cooking together in the comfort of your own kitchen!


Join National Standup as they present the 7th annual Valentine's Day Battle of the Sexes Comedy Show at Pub Fiction. Witness comedy like you've never seen it before featuring comics who can be seen on hit network TV Shows such as "America's Got Talent" and  "Last Comic Standing. Click here for more information + to get tickets. 


Why should you have to ignore Valentine's Day when you're single? There seems to be this unspoken rule to not discuss the "V" word with anyone you've just met of the opposite sex. Laugh off the pressure of the day and treat yourself to a coffee date with a new acquaintance or online dating match. Who says this day has to be so serious?


Whether you're single or in a relationship, sometimes there is nothing better than an ultra girly night with your best gal pals. Enjoy a laid back evening at home in pj's with good wine and even better gossip. Or get dressed to impress and get out on the town to hit some of your favorite Instagram-able bars and restaurants that your signifcant other would only roll his eyes at.

Haven't you always wanted to learn how to create your own piñata? Head to Eureka Heights Brewery for a Valentine's Piñata Workshop hosted by @pinatasbychi. Cold local beer on tap and a food truck on site make for a perfect DIY evening! Click here for more information + to get tickets.


Head to your favorite campsite or glam up your own backyard for a romantic secluded night, just the two of you. Get fancy and make it feel luxurious with lighting, lanterns, and decadent decor. Have champagne on ice and plenty of sweet and savory treats on standby. Keep warm through the night with a cozy fire or rubber hot water bottles and plenty of plush blankets. 


There are no rules that says it has to be date NIGHT. Skip out on work or postpone until Saturday and spend a day of leisure at your favorite day drinking spots. Or make things extra fun by committing to trying all new bars and restaurants, testing out the signature drink and dish at each place. Just make sure to have your favorite ride share app on hand!


Grab your dancing shoes and head to Axelrad, where they're rolling out the cumbia music every 2nd Friday of the month. This month, Noche de Cumbia just happens to land on Valentine's Day, when you and your partner or friends can dance the night away to live music by the Superfónicos. For more information, click here. 


Big heart but no creativity? Outsource the tough part to experts like Picnics in the City, Houston's own luxury picnic + event planners. They will set up one of a kind picnic experiences almost anywhere in the city for an affair your significant other is sure to remember.  In case they are all booked up, you can head to their Instagram account, @picnicsinthecity, for some pretty awesome inspiration to create your own unique experience. 


For busy couples that are always on the go, what you really might need is a good night in to refresh and recharge together. Commit to a tech-free (seriously, no phones), low-key day or evening with just the two of you. Set the mood with a serene, spa like atmosphere complete with candles, soft music, and cozy attire. Order in and stay in bed all day for maximum relaxation. 


I know lots of couples who have intentions to travel at the beginning of the year, but life gets busy and plans never come together. Skip the expensive dinner date and instead commit to planning + booking your next trip together this Valentine's Day. Have some fun scoping out sites + dreaming up your perfect itinerary. Order in or cook food from the region to get yourselves pumped up for what's to come!


Recently single + ready to let out some aggression? Grab your fellow single friends + head to Little Woodrow's EaDo for a Valentine-less Day. They'll be serving up frozen mango 'ritas + a shredder to rid yourself of all of your couple photos. Although in this digital age, is there a photo shredder for Instagram?

Click here for more information. 



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