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Kyla Linn has spent the last several years bringing the best of fashion to Houstonians as one of the lead buyers for Houston's own legacy luxury retailer, Tootsies. After a decade in the retail industry, she has developed a keen eye and sharp negotiation skills. These skills, along with an aptitude for customer service, marketing, competitive analysis, pricing, and data analytics, allow Kyla to bring value to her clients when selling or buying their next home.

Kyla's success has always been attributed to her customer centric approach, and she has long held the principle that a customer's experience is far more important than the transaction itself. Organized, detail oriented, and quick to respond, Kyla has had success streamlining processes for many organizations throughout her career, so her clients can be sure that they will have a seamless and stress free experience.

When asked why she decided to make the move to real estate, Kyla explained "My entire career, I have had success understanding and meeting the needs of consumers all across the United States. Retail was a perfect match for me, as it coupled my creative sense with my strong business acumen. As I got older, I became passionate about personal finance and helping others understand how to build a better future for themselves. I am eager to be in a position where I can utilize my skills and take my passion for understanding the needs of others to give my clients a competitive edge when it comes to undertaking what will likely be one of the biggest investments of their lifetime, their home."

Kyla is a native Houstonian and a graduate of Houston Christian High School. She received a degree in Business Marketing from Texas A&M University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She has been voted by her peers in several positions of leadership throughout her career, as her reputation for being smart, levelheaded, and empathetic makes her an excellent advocate for others. She enjoys a love of food and travel, having visited over 30 countries in her lifetime, and is always eager to give restaurant and travel recommendations. She currently lives with her husband and two goldendoodles in the Heights.

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